'I am glad I decided to purchase your products... these hypnotherapy recordings appear to be light years ahead of anything I have ever heard previously...' A. Potter. Counsellor.

Thursday March 15 , 2018
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Ultra Hypnosis: State-Of-The-Art Hypnotherapy Audios

Want to make some positive changes?

Our counsellors in Leicester are fully trained in CBT, person-centered counselling, and motivational interviewing.
Anxiety can be agonising, devastating, and completely disabling. While it may serve to limit your potential in the workplace, in social settings, or in relationships, it may prevent you from being successful as a parent.

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Hypnosis audios recorded by acknowledged professionals.

Are you fed up struggling with feelings of stress and anxiety? Do you have a fear or phobia that troubles you? Want to lose weight or stop smoking? Could you do with a boost to your confidence and positivity? If your answer is yes - welcome to Ultra Hypnosis!  Relax and make changes with our state-of-the-art audio hypnotherapy range.  You can now buy instantly available full and complete copies of our original Ultra Hypnosis CDs - as sold in the shops - as MP3 downloads direct from this website today!


Feedback: 'Great item. Very fast delivery. Very professional. Thanks.' Banishing Phobias.

Get your Ultra hypnosis hypnotherapy audios from just £5.99.

'...top-notch...' Dr Mike Mandel

Stop Smoking Start LivingExperience hypnosis in the comfort of your own home with registered professional hypnotherapists Andrea Lindsay HDIH and Kerin Webb MA, D.Hyp, and discover more about how others have found improvement with hypnosis.

Feedback: 'Very Relaxing. Thank you very much. Recommended.' Saying Goodbye To Stress.

Experts in hypnosis...

When you use these audio hypnosis products you can be sure that you're getting high-quality hypnosis because Kerin and Andrea are Registered Hypnotherapists with extensive therapeutic experience. Kerin Webb is a director of the highly regarded hypnotherapy training company called Soul Synthesis Ltd and Andrea Lindsay is a director of the well-known hypnotherapy centre Halo Hypnotherapy Ltd.

Feedback: 'Recommended. Fast delivery. Great item... thanks.'  Stop Smoking - Start Living.

Andrea appears regularly on the radio demonstrating hypnotherapy. And Kerin is the author of two books about hypnotherapy and related skills whose clients and students have included TV and radio presenters, psychiatrists, doctors and nurses.

'I own several hypnosis recordings from Ultra Hypnosis... As a user I enjoy them for their outstanding technical quality and their relaxing and inspiring content. As a hypnotherapist I find them very useful to study the language patterns and the structure of the inductions. I especially value the possibility to learn from submodalities used such as intonation and speed variations which cannot be observed when reading hypnotic material. I can highly recommend this material for clients as well as learning hypnotists!'  

Dr. Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics) University of Leipzig, Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science, University of California Berkley and Research Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

As used by TV celebrities...

Ultra Hypnosis audios are used by celebrity guests of ITV's popular daytime TV show called 'Loose Women'.

Feedback: 'Brill CD. Thanx. AAA+++'. Natural Childbirth.

Positively PositiveAnd as covered by VIVA! magazine too...

Ultra Hypnosis audios were the subject of a very positive article in the popular VIVA! Magazine.

Hypnosis audio hypnosis for helping to deal with:

Anxiety > Childbirth > Insomnia > Pain > The Past > Phobias > Smoking > Stress.

Plus... hypnosis audios to help you improve your:

Confidence > Fitness > Positivity > Self Image > Weight.

Feedback: 'Great product... thank you.' Banishing Phobias.

Why Ultra Hypnosis could help you...

Our Ultra Hypnosis audio range utilises state-of-the-art hypnosis principles to aim to communicate positive messages to your unconscious mind in order to help you achieve measurable changes. Subliminal suggestions are also included to add that 'little extra something'.

Feedback: 'A+++. Great item and super fast delivery.' Saying Goodbye To Anxiety.

Ultra Hypnosis audio downloads are specifically designed to seek to generate an optimum state of comfort to assist you as you focus on taking action in trance to achieve desired results in your life.

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'Kerin Webb's Ultra Hypnosis recordings are brilliantly designed... There is a beautiful elegance that pervades all of Webb's work, and as always, integrity and compassion rule the day. If you're looking for powerful change protocol wrapped in a highly relaxing, fluid, and effortless delivery, then search no farther. Kerin Webb's hypnosis recordings are top-notch! I will be recommending them to my own students.' Dr Mike Mandel

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