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Ultra Hypnosis hypnotherapy audios have been recorded by a two experienced professional hypnotherapists. Kerin Webb MA, MBM and Andrea Lindsay HCIH, HDIH both work in professional practice helping people from all walks of life.

They have lots of experience helping men, women and children deal with - and overcome - many psychological and emotional difficulties, including: addictions, anxiety, stress, low self confidence, low self esteem, weight loss - and much more. Now you too can experience hypnosis with these skilled professionals.

Saying Goodbye To Anxiety'Ever since I can remember I have had a fear of snakes, I think it's the wriggling or something, but it makes me shiver just to think about it. About three years ago I moved to the countryside of Spain and kept my fingers crossed that I would not see any snakes, all was well for two and half years but things went bad this year. I started noticing the occasional snake in the garden and then on the road near the house and the effect this was having on me was getting more and more dramatic. At one point I almost drove of the road because a snake was slithering across the road in front of me. I had terrible panic attacks with the shakes, made high pitched sort of shrieks and felt really scared. This happened twice this summer and I decided to get some help from Andrea Lindsay in the form of Hypnotherapy to help me conquer the fear. I had two sessions with Andrea and was able to test the effectiveness the next day when I returned to Spain. I came within half a metre of snake in the garden close to the house and instead of the usual convulsions I felt a chill go through me but I was able to tell myself calmly that I was fine and that the snake was more scared of me that I was of it. I saw it move in front of me, a whole 1.5 metres of it and felt nervous but fine. I can't believe that the change in my behaviour can be so dramatic in just two sessions, I am thrilled to bits with the feelings I have and although I won't be taking up Snake Charming I can now deal with them. Even two weeks later when one came in the house, probably my worst nightmare, and I was able to watch from only a meter away as others braver than me pushed it back outside with a brush. I have nothing but praise for the therapy and recommend it to anyone to try. I think with an open mind you can achieve fantastic results just like me.' Snake Phobia.

Hypnosis is Natural

Hypnosis is natural. You have experienced hypnosis many times in your life—often without realising it. Some good examples include when you’ve been absorbed in a good book or in a film that you’ve really enjoyed. Other examples include daydreaming and the pleasant state that you enter just before drifting into sleep and then again, just between sleep and re-awakening.

Because hypnosis is natural, during your Ultra Hypnosis session you'll still have awareness of whatever's going on around you - and be fully in control. However at the same time you can let yourself feel pleasantly relaxed and listen to all of the special positive suggestions that are directed your way, many of which have been designed to be gently absorbed at a subconscious level. The intention is to create an optimum audio environment to encourage your subconscious mind to assist you in making the changes you want.

'I would strongly recommend Hypnotherapy for anyone with issues concerning confidence, weight loss, smoking cessation etc. I recently completed my Hypnotist training course in January with Kerin Webb... Whilst training I asked for help regarding my fear of flying. I hadn't been on a plane for 14 years because of it and, quite frankly, I wanted rid of this fear. After approximately 40 minutes of practising hypnosis techniques my fear had completely gone......vanished! I even tried to feel nervous but couldn't! I'm very pleased to say that I flew to Portugal in February with NO PROBLEMS at all!! ...it completely turns your life around as so many amazing things have happened to me since I spent that week doing the course!!!' Flying Phobia.

Flying With FreedomState of the Art

Because our Ultra Hypnosis hypnotherapy audio MP3 downloads have been developed by professionals in hypnotherapy they're packed full of state-of-the-art principles which we believe are of a very high caliber. These instantly available downloads are exact copies of our original Ultra Hypnosis CDs, as sold in the shops.

'Dear Kerin, Thanks for the session we had. I'm feeling much better...' ME.

Indirect Hypnosis

These hypnosis audios include Indirect Hypnosis techniques. Indirect Hypnosis is a special form of hypnotherapy that's designed to communicate influential suggestions to your subconscious mind, without you even needing to consciously pay any attention. It works by 'talking to the other you' (your subconscious mind) while your conscious mind simply relaxes. You don't even have to consciously listen to the suggestions as they happen - because your subconscious mind can do it for you! Indirect Hypnosis principles were developed by Dr. Milton Erickson over many years of research and practice and we are acknowledged experts in the use of this powerful tool.

In essence what this means is that by using our Indirect Hypnosis skills in these audios we aim to positively influence your subconscious mind by inviting the ‘inner you’ to help you make the changes you desire.

"Before I started treatment by hypnotherapy for my OCD, I had sought help on a number of occasions via the NHS. Each of these occasions left me feeling patronised by the psychologists involved. Although sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, as I was still suffering from my OCD two years later, I felt I had nothing to lose but to give it a go. I changed my thoughts about this type of therapy instantly. I felt more relaxed, more at ease with discussing my problems, and that Andrea really understood how I was feeling. I used to dread going to see the psychologist but look forward to my visits to Andrea. Even after my first session I felt more in control of my OCD than I had for a long time. I'm not cured yet but I feel so much more hopeful than before. I am so glad I sought this alternative treatment, rather than go back again on another NHS waiting list or take prescribed medication which only masks the problem rather than addresses it. I just wish that this therapy could be more widely acknowledged by the NHS as a genuine course of treatment." Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Pain ReliefPrecision Communication

Our Ultra Hypnosis MP3 downloads have been carefully crafted so that all the words utilised in the sessions have been chosen for their intended collective desired effect. What this means is that, as well as each MP3 download having an ‘overall theme’ focused on your needs, each sentence and each word is specifically tailored to the ‘big picture’ in order to maximize the likelihood of positive changes for you.

'Dear Kerin, ...You have certainly helped me as I have been to a few enclosed events since and I have not felt frightened!. Thank you very much.' Claustrophobia.

Based on Extensive Experience

Andrea and Kerin continue to help people from all walks of life in their own clinical practices. Your Ultra Hypnosis audio treatments are based on the methods that these highly skilled professionals utilise to help others make the breakthroughs that they want. Now you can use these principles too – in the comfort of your own home.

'I have a 13 year old child who was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 11. For anyone who has read "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night" you will have some idea of what life is like for an Aspie child. My child is high functioning (bright) and in mainstream school but there the likeness between my child and other "normal" children ends. The world is a confusing and difficult place when you don't understand body language and can't make eye contact. My child constantly worries about things and exam time and back to school are particularly stressful. As exam time approaches the meltdown begins resulting in even more withdrawal from the world. My child became so desperate that we discussed whether hypnotherapy would help. I was skeptical but my child was so unhappy I felt we had nothing to lose. I went on-line to get a list of accredited hypnotherapists in my area and after looking at Andrea Lindsay of Halo Hypnotherapy's details I gave her a call. I explained the situation and made an appointment. Andrea did research into Asperger's and told me that although she could not change the underlying condition she would be able to help my child with coping mechanisms. I can only say that it has made the big difference to my child's life. Whenever there is a stressful situation on the horizon I book a session with Andrea and once the visit is over my child becomes relaxed and able to cope with what is happening. It has been so successful that with Andrea's help my child started horse riding last year, a miracle in itself for a child that wouldn't go near animals before.' Aspergers Syndrome.

Confidently ConfidentPlus...Subliminal Programming

As an extra bonus—to seek to add additional influence to our Ultra Hypnosis MP3 downloads we’ve included some subliminal suggestions. These suggestions are specially embedded into the background music of each ultra hypnosis session, with the intention of being outside of the range of your conscious hearing but inside the range of your subconscious awareness. This means that your subconscious mind can listen to and absorb these extra suggestions - which are designed to help you at many levels, and in lots of ways.

When Can I Use Them?

Ultra Hypnosis MP3 downloads are designed to be used in the comfort of your own home. And you can listen as often as you like – at times which best suit your needs.

Experience Ultra Hypnosis with the people the professionals choose...

Remember: Andrea Lindsay HDIH and Kerin Webb MA developed both the original Ultra Hypnosis CDs and these full and complete instantly available MP3 download copies to help you based on their ongoing clinical practice.

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