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Friday December 30 , 2016
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1. Data Protection and Privacy

(a) The personal data that you provide (“the Data”) to us is collected for the purpose of:

(i) Processing your order and payment

(ii) Delivering goods that you have ordered from us to you

(iii) Contacting you in reference to your order and in particular for the purpose of querying or confirming any of the details of your order or updating you as to the progress of your order.

(iv) For improving the facilities and services that the website provides to you

(v) To inform you of our current products, services and related information.

(b) We do not disclose any Data to any third parties, other than:

(i) PayPal in the event that you have chosen to pay by PayPal and/or credit/debit card online

(ii) iZettle in the event that you have chosen to pay by credit/debit card via our iZettle card reader

(iii) Tradebit, which is a company we sometimes use for storing and making our download files available to our service users (including Ultra Hypnosis audio products) and Tradebit therefore necessarily keep a record of recipient user details and downloads made in order to be able to provide the required automated product download key to each user by email, which is configured to specifically relate to the required product(s), in order that they can be correctly downloaded. For information about Tradebit (http://www.tradebit.com) and their security methods please refer to their websites,

(iv) WuFoo, which is a company we sometimes use to provide online forms that applicants can use to apply for courses, workshops, personal consultations and other services - for information about WuFoo (http://wufoo.com/) and their security measures, please refer to their website (please note: Wufoo DOES NOT gather or hold your credit/debit card details, only PayPal does this),

(v) any of our professional advisors where necessary; and/ or

(vi) if required by law and / or for legal reasons; and/or

(vii) if we sell some or all of our company, then the data we have collected that is associated to our company, or any part of the company that has been sold (such as, for example, Ultra Hypnosis or Best Buddy Books) will be acquired by the new owner(s) in order that the transfer of the newly acquired business can proceed smoothly and in good working order.

(c) We will not use the Data for any other purpose than that indicated in this statement.

(d) If any of your details change or are incorrect or if you wish to enquire what Data we are holding of you, please notify us immediately by emailing on: [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] or writing to: Soul Synthesis Limited, 18 Ropers Lane, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4QT. If you wish us to amend or erase any part of the Data relating to you, we will do so, subject to compliance with any statutory requirements and subject to our requirement to maintain records of evidence for legal reasons.

(e) In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other supporting regulations we have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the Data from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

2. Use of cookies

We do not currently utilise cookies on our websites, although our internet service providers might. We reserve the right however within the law to use cookies in order to more effectively assist you in your use of our website(s), such as for example, if you choose to register to be kept up to date with our products and services and/or to fit your experience of our website to meet any preferences you have indicated. Our cookies will not contain personally identifiable information nor will we access information that has been stored in cookies by other websites. We will only access the information which has been supplied in the cookie file.

3. Internet Service Providers

Our Internet Service Provider is Impression Internet, also known as Magical Design. For details of their security measures please see their website http://www.impressioninternet.co.uk/ .

4. Comments and feedback

All comments and feedback submitted to us by you shall be deemed to be free to use by Soul Synthesis Ltd to promote our products and or services. If we want to use your full name in association with any comments or feedback you supply to us we shall contact you first to ask for your permission to do so, before using your full name in connection with any comments or feedback you have supplied. In other cases we shall ensure that any comments or feedback which you supply to us that we use are not associated with your full name, and any confidential information that might be used to identify you will be edited / omitted from any material displayed.

5. Storage and processing of confidential financial information (which includes credit card and payment details) ("Confidential Financial Information")

When payment is made on-line, such payment is made directly to PayPal. We will not at any time hold any of your Confidential Financial Information. For security measures of PayPal, please refer to their website. When payment is made using the iZettle card reader we will not hold any of your Confidential Financial Information. For security measures of iZettle, please refer to their website.

Soul Synthesis Ltd Registered Office: 18 Ropers Lane, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4QT. Registered in England and Wales. Company number: 4659638 . Company Directors Kerin Webb and Christina Smith.


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